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New Training Program

Mountain Creek Range has a number of different licensing courses and will always offer NRA basic and instructor courses as well. However, we have recently tested a new training program that we feel our customers will really like.

Introducing the RSOAC (Range Safety Officer Accompanied Course of fire).

Training Programs Provide 4 RSOAC Type Courses and 4 Open Range Days

The RSOAC is designed to be a brief course, followed by live fire drills.

Most people don't have the time to spend on a full course or they already know the basics and are just looking for a fun shoot. The RSOAC solves this problem by only taking 2-3 hours and covers a variety of different fun shoots you can't find anywhere else.

Training Schedule 

Jan 8th - Basics of Pistol Shooting (Pistol)

Jan 15th - Basics of Rifle Shooting (Rifle)

Jan 22nd - Basics of Shotgun Shooting (Shotgun)

Jan 29th - Clearing Malfunctions (All Actions)

Feb 5th - Low Light Shooting (Pistol)

Feb 12th - Shooting Positions (Pistol)

Feb 19th - Target Transition Drills (Pistol)

Feb 26th - Shooting & Moving (Pistol)

Mar 5th - Holster Draw (OWB) 

Mar 12th - Drawing from Concealment (IWB)

Mar 19th - Shooting From Cover (Pistol)

Mar 26th - Shooting Under Pressure (Pistol)

Apr 2nd - Steel Target Shooting (Pistol)

Apr 9th - Easter Sunday (No Training)

Apr 16th - Long Range Steel Shooting (Rifle)

Apr 23rd - Clay Shooting (Shotgun)

Apr 30th - Transitioning from Rifle to Pistol (Pistol / Rifle)


Join the training program for $125 (Valued at $300) Choose the courses you want to take up front and use your open range days anytime you like.


As this is a new type of training, we expect lots of questions. Feel free to reach out with any inquires and we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible. 

Or speak with an associate by calling (254) 793-3070

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