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What's New at Our Range

As your local Mom and Pop Gun Range we are always looking for new interesting ways to enhance your shooting experience. This page is dedicated to showing the public what is new and what might be coming soon. If you have any questions, please call and speak with an associate.


New Range Apparel

Range shirts and hats come with memberships to our facility. However, if you just wanted to support your local Mom and Pop Gun Range and buy one, please ask an associate for pricing during your visit and we'll check to see if we have your size in stock!


Now Available!
Smokeless Range Simulator

As the price of ammunition is still unstable and availability un-clear, we have decided to invest in a Smokeless Range. This laser range simulator is packed with shooting drills to help shooters learn proper and safe holster draw, transition drills, tracking exercises and much more. We are looking to start renting time on the simulator soon so please check back with us for availability. 


Low Light Shooting

We now offer low-light shooting! Have you wanted to try out that thermal / night vision optic and just can't find a place that will go lights out for you? Maybe you just have that surefire light on your pistol and was curious what it was like to shoot in the dark. Now you can request low light shooting for no extra cost! Please call for questions and speak with an associate about availability. 

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